Hallo! Mijn naam is Jef De Meutter, geboren in 1978 te Lier (België) . Ik ben een online ecommerce specialist sinds 2004, oprichter van dmlights en absinthelights   (sinds 2012). Ik ben een Adwords, Analytics en SEO specialist.



Hello! My name is Jef De Meutter, born in 1978 in Belgium. Online marketeer since 2004, founder of dmlights and absinthelights  (since 2012). I’m a Adwords, Analytics and SEO specialist , I love website and shopping cart optimization with a special passion for conversion rate optimization.  I’m native dutch speaking, so my sincere apologies for any misspelling in this blog. Please contact me if you find big errors.

I’ve start working in my dad’s(Paul De Meutter) company in the summer of 1996, starting in our warehouse and later moved to our shop. I’ve been selling all kind of home building electrical supply products in our shop, after 6 years working as a sales men I wanted something different. I went to my dad and tried to convince him to sell our lighting products online. My dad would not believe my e-commerce idee: “who is going to buy lighting products online without first having a look at the product .” Let’s say, he was very sceptic about my e-commerce project.  After 2 years of intensive nagging, my dad was still not convinced. In 2004 he finally gave his approval (in order to stop my nagging) , my last argument was “selling online is easy and is going fully automated” . I’ve never been so wrong!